Marthe Lyngvar Fades 15 Outs to Double up on the Bubble

Level 18: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Entries: 80 / 652

Marthe Lyngvar just doubled up one spot off the money on table 8. With 100k in the middle on the turn, the board read 8 4 4 2 and she bet 50k leaving only 70k behind. Directly behind her, Sverre Rydning moved all-in for more than 200k. After some deliberation, Lyngvar called being at risk of elimination on the bubble.

Marthe Lyngvar: J J
Sverre Rydning: Q K

Lyngvar had the to avoid a spade, a King and Queen on the river to survive. And she did as the dealer opened a 3 on the river.

Marthe Lyngvar - 270,000
Sverre Rydning - 140,000

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