Marthe Lyngvar Eliminated in 16th Place (€2,450); Raymond Vilnes in 17th Place (€2,100)

Level 24: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Entries: 15/648

Eetu Sepponen who began the day as the shortest stack just managed to bust two players in the same hand. Sepponen raised from UTG and in the small blind Raymond Vilnes (12 big blinds) moved all-in. Marthe Lyngvar (who had roughly 15 big blinds) did the same in the big blind. Sepponen, who had both covered, called the all-in. Showdown:

Marthe Lyngvar: 9 9
Raymond Vilnes: K J
Eetu Sepponen: A A

Board: 5 6 3 6 2

The board did not provide enough help for either of the two players at risk and Sepponen took both of them out. He's up to over 1M chips now. Meanwhile, Lyngvar was able to ladder up one spot to be awarded the 16th place prize of €2,450 while Vilnes had to settle for the 17th place prize of €2,100.

With that, we're down to the final two tables and the seats are redrawn.

Eetu Sepponen - 1.2 million

Raymond Vilnes - 0

Marthe Lyngvar - 0

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