Lucky Snowmen for Harkonen

Level 17: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Entries: 90/652

Marko Harkonen three-bet jammed for 80,500 and was called by Alex Lianes.

Marko Harkonen: 8 8

Alex Lianes: K K

Harkonen was in jeopardy of hitting the rail before the money and things didn't get any better after the Q J 6 came on the flop.

"Yes!" shouted Harkonen after the 8 followed on the turn to improve him to set.

The blank 10 completed the board on the river and instead of hitting the rail Harkonen doubled through Lianes.

Alex Lianes - 450,000

Marko Harkonen - 170,000

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