Lianes takes from Chip Leader Ringstad

Level 11: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Entries: 252 / 624

Currently table 12 is where the action is as this table is home to the chip leader Espen Ringstad and several big stacks including the Spaniard Alex Lianes.

We just saw Lianes take a substantial chunk of Ringstad's stack. We're not sure about the action but we arrived at a river with 60k in the middle and the board reading 7 6 3 2 3 .

After a check Ringstad bet 31k and it took Lianes a minute to call with A 2 . His bottom pair was good as Ringstad mucked his hand.

Espen Ringstad - 350,000
Aley Lianes - 240,000

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