Last Break of the Night

With 219 / 371 remaining players we entered the last break of the night. Right now it looks like the players from Norway are dominating the tables. Our (roughly) eyeballed chip counts see four Norwegians in the top spots right now.

Ole WaseniusNorway160,000
Espen RingstadNorway140,000
Vidar StertenNorway140,000
Jacob ReinholdtNorway140,000
Janis VasiljevsLatvia135,000
Conny ErikssonSweden130,000
Sverre RydningNorway125,000
Oystein BrendenNorway120,000
Shiyan FangItaly115,000
Christian ArstadNorway110,000
Rikard AnderssonFinland110,000
Jussi MattilaFinland100,000

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