Land from the Land Down Under Doubles with Big Slick

Level 13: 1,200/2,400 (2,400)

Entries: 180/652

It is a debate about who traveled the longest to the Coolbet Open. As we already mentioned, Yuri Ishida came to the Coolbet Open from Japan. Meanwhile, Francisco Valdes, who is sitting on about 10 big blinds, made the trek from Chile just to attend the festival.

David Land, however, may have traveled the furthest as he came in from Australia. It might not be fair to say that he came specially for the Coolbet Open as he shared that he is here visiting family as his wife is Estonian. That being said, he is having a blast and just doubled up his stack as follows:

Land jammed for about 30,000 with ace-king and was up against the queens held by Niko Lauriala. Land won the flip and now has about 60,000 in chips for a 25 big blind stack.

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