Kjell Lovaas Loves Nines

Level 14: 1,500 / 3,000 (3,000)

Entries: 148 / 652

Kristo Tiits
Kristo Tiits

Let's stay at Kalle Ly's table for a while: We just saw him open from UTG to 6k and behind him Amend Sahiti called. Now it was up to Kjell Lovaas in the Hijack seat. He moved all-in for 61k. After one fold Kristo Tiits looked down and moved all-in as well.

Ly and Sahiti folded and we got a showdown:

Kjell Lovaas: 9 9
Kristo Tiits: A Q

The board fell 4 3 2 10 8 - no help for Tiits who had to let go of some of his (still impressively big) stack while Lovaas more than doubled up.

Kristo Tiits - 250,000
Kjell Lovaas - 140,000

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