Kharman Steals it on the Turn

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 2/328

Adam Kharman limped with 8 7 from the button before Kurt Skimmeland checked back with 5 2 from the big blind.

Skimmeland check-raised the 5 J J flop from 80,000 to 225,000 and Kharman called to see the A turn.

“Now is the time to pull the trigger,” Kings of Tallinn commentator Kristjan Laas said.

Kharman must have listened as after Skimmeland checked, Kharman bet 250,000 and took down the pot after his opponent snap-folded.

Adam Kharman - 8.1 million
Kurt Skimmeland - 1.7 million

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