Kert Hallik Triples up Against All the Draws

Level 8: 400/800 (800)

Entries: 219 / 369

An unusual three-way-all-in on table 9 saw Kert Hallik triple up with tens. In a single raised flop the board read 8 6 2 with roughly 7k in the middle.

Mart Rinken
Out: Mart Rinken

Kert Hallik moved bet 5,200 and behind him Vu Vuong (who had Hallik covered) moved all-in for 25k. Then Mart Rinken behind him also moved all-in for 19,100. Hallik called the double all-in. Showdown:

Mart Rinken 9 7
Vu Vuong 8 3
Kert Hallik 10 10

Hallik had to avoid straights, flushes, eights and threes. He somehow managed as turn and river fell 7 and 4 .

This hand saw Rinken eliminated, Hallik almost triple up and Vuong lose most of his stack.

Kert Hallik - 55,000
Vu Vuong - 5,000
Mart Rinken - 0

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