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Karman on Fumes after Stribrny Makes a Hero Call to Take the Lead

Level 37: 1,000,000/2,000,000 (2,000,000)
Entries: 4/2,261

In what be the wildest hand thus far at the final table began slowly enough after Antonino Karman limped from the small blind. Pavel Stribrny raised to 7 million and Karman called.

Karman check-raised the 3 6 K flop from 4.6 million to 12 million and Stribrny called.

The A followed on the turn and Karman jammed for 20 million. Stribrny found a hero call and the cards were turned over with Karman at risk.

Pavel Stribrny: 10 3
Antonino Karman: Q 10

Karman bricked the 5 river and was eliminated in fifth place for €29,500, which includes a WSOP Europe Main Event seat valued at €10,350. Meanwhile, Stribrny was back in the chip lead after the hand.

Pavel Stribrny - 93 million
Antonino Karman - 0

Antonino Karman
Antonino Karman

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