Kally Ly Leads at Second Break

Kalle Ly
Kalle Ly in the lead

With the second break of the day, we took a look at all the big stacks in the room. Right now Kalle Ly is ahead in front of Mariann Olufsen. Both are the only player with more than 100 big blinds going into the next level. We have 143 players remaining.

Kalle LySweden520,000130
Mariann OlufsenNorway460,000115
Alex LianesSpain370,00093
Alberto JimenezSpain370,00093
Ranno SootlaEstonia360,00090
Jon PersentNorway320,00080
Jaanus VesteEstonia280,00070
Kristo TiitsEstonia280,00070
Yuri IshidaJapan280,00070
Paulius KostickisLithuania270,00068
Ville KonttinenFinland250,00063
Jarmo SalonenFinland240,00060
Petur HardarsonIceland230,00058
Leino PillerEstonia220,00055
Van LeFinland220,00055
Toni HämäläinenFinland220,00055
Pyry KekäläinenFinland210,00053
Kalle MikkonenFinland210,00053
Joel SalmirinneFinland200,00050

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