Kalle Mikkonen Eliminated in 3rd Place(€26,600)

Level 28: 50k / 100k
Entries: 2 / 648 Entries

Kalle Mikkonen
Kalle Mikkonen

Now that was super fast. After the last two eliminations, it only took two hands to get to the next one.

This time it was the young Fin Kalle Mikkonen who found his master in Kaido Mikk.

Mikkonen opened with A 4 and Mikk moved all-in with 10 8 for effectively 10 big blinds. Mikkonen had an easy call, but needed his better hand to hold.

The young Fin's hand did not hold though as Mikk spiked a pair on the board: 10 7 7 -5 -8

And just like that, we're down to two players. Mikko Ylämäki has two-thirds and Kaido Mikk one-third of all the chips in play.

Both players are on a break right now and both have agreed on not having a deal right now.

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