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Juutilainen Ousts Vinogradova

Level 13: 1,000/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 67/285

Victor Amat opened for 5,000 from the cutoff and was called by Henri Juutilainen from the button and Adria Comas I Roura from the small blind. Tatjana Vinogradova three-bet jammed for 59,500. Amat looked in pain and tank-folded. Juttilainen called and Comas I Roura folded.

Tatjana Vinogradova: A 9
Henri Juutilainen: 10 10

Juutilainen was ahead and eventually improved to a full house on the J J 8 6 10 runout to eliminate Vinogradova. While Juutilainen did eliminate one woman, another closer to his life is still alive and kicking in his wife Emmi Juutilainen, who is sitting on about 82,000 in chips.

Henri Juutilainen - 235,000
Emmi Juutilainen - 82,000
Tatjana Vinogradova - 0

Tatjana Vinogradova
Tatjana Vinogradova

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