Juuso Keskitola hits the rail in 7th place (€ 13,600)

With six players remaining, Juuso Keskitola would become the next player at risk in this Final Table which is quite eventful so far. Not too long ago Juuso had 51 big blinds, up until he was

Nastasi opened the action and raised it up to 900,000. Keskitola found a monster hand and made a 3-bet to 2,700,000. Nastasi didn't thought for a bit how he would want to approach this situation, before announcing the 4-bet to 4,400,000. Keskitola was for the rough decision and shoved all-in and got an insta call from Nastasi. Two massive stacks colliding with each other!

Nastasi: K K

Keskitalo: A K

The board ran out J 8 3 , and the 9 on the turn, and the 6 completed the board. Juuso is out!

partypoker MILLIONS 2023 Grand Prix: Finnish Sensation Juuso Keskitalo
Juuso Keskitola

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