Jucys Doubles Through Gaines

Level 29: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)
Entries: 3/285

Paulius Jucys opened for 1 million from the button leaving just 150,000 behind. Glen Gaines three-bet jammed for 4.2 million from the small blind. Jucys called off for the rest of his stack and was at risk of elimination.

Paulius Jucys: 5 5
Glen Gaines: 9 9

Jucys was far behind but got lucky by nailing a flush on the 10 4 A K J board to stay alive and double his stack.

After the hand, all three players were close in the chip counts.

Glen Gaines - 3.1 million
Igor Pihela Sr. - 2.9 million
Paulius Jucys - 2.5 million

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