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Jelle Moene Eliminated in Ninth Place (€29,000)

Level 25: 600,000/1,200,000 (1,200,000)
Entries: 8/450

Steve O’Dwyer opened for 2.7 million from middle position with A K . Jelle Moene defended his big blind with K 2 to see the K 8 7 flop.

Both players had top pair with O’Dwyer holding the ace-kicker. Moene check-called a bet by O’Dwyer for 1.8 million. 

The Q followed on the turn and Moene checked again. O’Dwyer fired a bigger bet of 8.6 million. Moene called again and had about 20 million behind before the 3 river completed the board.

Moene checked and O’Dwyer jammed. Moene called off and was the first player out at the final table for the ninth-place prize of €29,000 while O’Dwyer regained the chip lead.

Steve O’Dwyer - 98.5 million
Jelle Moene - 0

Jelle Moene
Jelle Moene

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