Ice Cold Bluff Not Working Out for Barkarson

Level 4: 100 / 200 (200)

Entries: 253 / 275

At table 2 Brynjar Barkarson from Iceland was getting a massage and appeared to be the most comfortable player in the tournament.

After the hand we just witnessed, he might feel slightly less comfortable, though. On a 9 7 6 -A -5 river with roughly 16k in the middle his lone opponent, Trond Sundby fired an almost tiny 3k bet. Barkarson raised to 10k and this raise was called almost instantly. Showdown:

Brynjar Barkarson: 10 10
Trond Sundby: J 8

Sundby, who was having a straight flush draw on the flop, backed into a straight and raked in this pot.

Brynjar Barkarson - 12,000
Trond Sundby - 50,000

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