“I Think You are Bluffing”

Level 5: 150/300 (300)

Entries: 253/283

Ant Gokcek bet 2,000 into a pot of around 12,000 after the 5 6 10 came on the flop. Markus Kornfeld called before Thomas Erikkson jammed. Gokcek quickly folded and Kornfeld asked for a count. The dealer confirmed the jam was for 17,125.

"I think you are bluffing," Kornfeld said just before he called.

Thomas Erikkson: Q 10

Markus Kornfeld: A K

Erikkson had top pair but he got out of his seat looking ready to go anyway. Kornfeld bricked both the 3 turn and 8 river to double up Erikkson, who sat back down in his seat.

"Finally!" Erikkson said loudly. "Something goes my way and I wasn't sucked out on."

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