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“I Think I am Going to Bed”

Level 10: 20K/40K (40K)
Entries: 58/145

Ridvan Kilincaslan has been having a good time. This might be because he was sitting on near 7 million in chips when some banter at his table began.

"I think I am going to bed," said Kilincaslan as a joke when he was told 22 players would advance today.

"Please don't go," said Emmanuel Rouvet who was also at the table.

"What, you think I am a fish?" asked Kilincaslan.

The fun banter kept going until Jelle Moene made a small dent in his stack as follows.

Kilincaslan opened from the cutoff for 100,000. Moene jammed for 455,000 from the button.

"Everyone else fold?" asked Kilincaslan before he slid some chips forward to make the call.

Jelle Moene: A 10
Ridvan Kilincaslan: K 8

The 4 9 2 came on the flop. The hand was determined right then and there with Moene improving to a flush and Kilincaslan drawing dead. The 10 turn and 10 river completed the board to award Moene a full double-up.

Meanwhile, both Teun Mulder and Roope Tarmi were sitting next to each other. But not on Day 1c. They will give it another go on Day 1d for their last chance to advance to Day 2. Fortunes have been different for Kyle Maguire who has increased his stack to 3.6 million since the dinner break. The 2022 Irish Poker Open Main Event runner-up shared with PokerListings that he won a big pot without a showdown.

Ridvan Kilincaslan - 6.3 million
Kyle Maguire - 3.6 million
Jelle Moene - 1.0 million
Teun Mulder - 0
Roope Tarmi - 0

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