‘I just had a possible sick hand, Melvin!’

Greger Larsson - The Festival Series Bratislava

We arrived at table number 15, where we see Dutchman Mark van der Voorden sitting in seat 2, and Greger Larsson in seat 6. Greger came up to me and explained what had happened beforehand.

''One guy on the button had opened to 8,000 and the small blind made it 21,000, on which i decided to fold K Q from the big blind. When the flop was dealt with 10 5 5 I would have a flushdraw, which eventually came on the turn with the J . Arrived on the river A it would have given me a Royal Flush, which was so sick. The guy shoved on the other one at the river, and I would have had a sick stack. One of them had Aces even.''

In the meantime, partner in crime from the 'George Clooney from Sweden' had busted out of the tournament. She will maybe re-enter today, or give it another shot tomorrow on day 1c and 1d.

Greger Larsson330,000
Anna MalmiBUSTED

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