Horrible River Costs Pyry Kekäläinen 90% of his Stack

Level 8: 400/800

Entries: 233 / 354

A rather brutal bad beat saw Pyry Kekäläinen lose almost all of his stack in an intense hand against Stian Knutsen.

It all began with Olli Vahala open-raising from UTG. Kekäläinen called in the cut-off and in the big blind Stian Knutsen reraised to 7,800.

Only Kekäläinen called and they saw a 7 5 4 Flop. Knutsen bet 4,600 into the 18,000 pot. Kekäläinen made it 10,000 to go and Knutsen eventually called.

The turn fell 2 and Knutsen checked to the raiser. Kekäläinen quickly moved all-in for effectively 20k. Knutsen called the all-in after some deliberation. Showdown:

Stian Knutsen: A K
Pyry Kekäläinen: Q Q

With just two overcards and a gutshot Knutsen was a decisive underdog, but he had some outs. The river brought one of those outs as it fell K , giving Knutsen an unlikely double-up and reducing Kekäläinen to just a few big blinds.

Stian Knutsen - 70,000
Pyry Kekäläinen - 6,500

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