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Hissou Ousts Kazakevich

Level 6: 8K/16K (16K)
Entries: 92/115

The pot didn't get big until the turn with the 10 3 3 3 on the board. Sirzat Hissou bet 100,000 and was called by Sidar Alis. Tomas Kazakevich jammed for about 500,000 and was called by both Hissou and Alis.

Hissou and Alis both checked the Q river and players turned over their cards. Kazakevich held K 10 for a full house threes-over-tens, while Alis held the same full house with 10 9 . Hissou, however, turned over J J for a better full house to win the hand.

Sirzat Hissou - 2.6 million
Sidar Alis - 400,000
Tomas Kazakevich - 0

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