Helgason’s Flush Wasn’t Good Enough to Survive

Level 1: 25/50

Entries: 148/149

Fireworks already erupted on Table 3 just a few minutes into play. Steinar Lindberg bet 2,000 into a pot of a bit more with the 9 10 8 9 already on the board after the turn. Gisli Helgason jammed and Lindberg quickly called.

Gisli Helgason: 6 5

Steinar Lindberg: K J

"Oh shit," Helgason said when he saw he was drawing dead despite flopping a flush.

The J river completed the board and Lindberg doubled his stack while sending Helgason packing as the first casualty of Day 1b.

Steinar Lindberg - 60,000

Gisli Helgason - 0

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