Hard Run with Big Slick for Hardarson

Level 21: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

Entries: 30/648

Petur Hardarson jammed for about three big blinds from the cutoff and was called by Toni Hamalainen from the big blind.

Petur Hardarson: A K

Toni Hamalainen: Q 5

Hamalainen nailed two pair on the 5 Q 7 flop. Hardarson got up out of his chair after the 10 turn but some at his table to stick around in case the river improved him to Broadway. Unfortunately for Hardarson, that wasn't meant to be and he was out the door in 31st place once the 6 river completed the board.

Toni Hamalainen - 600,000

Petur Hardarson - 0

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