Hand-for-Hand – Grand Prix 1F

We need to lose one more player until players can start bagging up their chips. It came twice to an all-in, but nobody had to go out of the tournament just yet.

  • Valter Miceli was at risk with J Q , against pocket sevens of Televantou. With a Queen directly in the window, Miceli took the lead, and held up until the board was fully dealt. He plays around 450,000 now, and Televantou left with a couple chips, approximately 100,000.
  • Marco Maggio was at risk, when he had his short stack in the middle. When the cards opened up, he showed Aces, while his opponent had 10 7 . With a Rainbow-flop and no card hit for his opponent, there wasn't much wrong. But with another spade on the turn, the flush became a possibility. Maggio held up with his aces and survived. He plays around 200,000 now.

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