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Groedum & Sandford on the Rail

Level 14: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)
Entries: 303/1,247

We caught up with Jostein Groedum who is on the rail. He shared that he three-bet jammed about 15 big blinds with ace-nine suited and was called by two players. One player with nines and another with kings.

The queen-jack-eight-eight-deuce runout didn't help Groedum stay alive and he shared he will not be re-entering. Groedum still has a sweat as he is representing Guts Poker, who have sent about a half-a-dozen qualifiers to The Festival Bratislava. Best of luck to all of the Guts Poker players.

Meanwhile, it appears we will have our commentator available to do commentating. George Sandford entered the maximum three bullets on Day 2 and came out empty each time. Sandford is a formidable player in many poker formats and has had tons of success here at Banco Casino. We look forward to watching his commentating of the Main Event when the stream goes live later today.

George Sandford
George Sandford

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