Good Start for PLO Masters Champ Daniel Sahlin

Level 4: 100/300 (300)
Entries: 291/321

Day 1d is officially too big to fit into one room with the field already at 321 entries. Among the players sitting at a table in a room usually used for the side events is Daniel Sahlin, Ant Gokcek, Monika "Hey Monia" Zukowicz, and Jon Kyte.

Both Kyte and Gokcek are on their second bullets of the day but things have been going better for Sahlin. Earlier this festival, Sahlin defeated Leif Iversen heads-up to win Event #11: €250 PLO Masters for €5,482 and could be in line for much more in the Main Event if his success continues.

In a recent hand, Matyas Kende checked with 4,000 in the pot and the A 4 Q on the board. Sahlin fired out for 4,000 and Kende tanked for several minutes before he called.

Kende quickly checked after the 6 followed on the turn. Sahlin opted to jam for about 40,000. Kende, with about 20,000 left in his stack once again went into the tank. After a couple of minutes, he opted to fold and the dealer awarded Sahlin the pot.

Daniel Sahlin - 60,000
Matyas Kende - 20,000

Daniel Sahlin
Daniel Sahlin

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