Gieles Wins Massive Pot to Take the Lead

Level 28: 1,500,000/3,000,000 (3,000,000)
Entries: 4/450

Luuk Gieles
Luuk Gieles

Luuk Gieles min-raised the button before Steve O’Dwyer jammed from the big blind. Gieles called off for 74.5 million and it was off to the races for the biggest pot of the day for 153.5 million.

Luuk Gieles: A K
Steve O’Dwyer 10 10

Gieles could either be out of the tournament or in the chip lead. O’Dwyer took the lead in the coin flip after the 4 5 J flop. The Q turn didn’t help Gieles either.

O’Dwyer nailed a set on the 10 river. But it was Gieles the one to celebrate as he took his first chip lead at the final table after rivering Broadway.

Luuk Gieles - 153.5 million
Steve O'Dwyer - 124 million

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