Gergely Bartos Eliminated in Third Place (€122,000)

Level 30: 2,500,000/5,000,000 (5,000,000)
Entries: 2/450

Luuk Gieles opened the button with a min-raise before he called a three-bet jam by Gergely Bartos for 122 million to create the biggest pot of the tournament.

Gergely Bartos: A 5
Luuk Gieles: A A

The miracle run by Gieles continues, this time at the expense of Bartos after he got nowhere on the 4 8 K K 7 runout.

Bartos will collect €122,000 for his bronze medal performance, while Gieles, who appeared would hit the rail in fourth place, will begin heads-up play with more than double the stack of Steve O’Dwyer.

The tournament took a short break after the hand.

SeatPlayer Chips Big Blinds
1Luuk Gieles     304,000,000 61
8Stephen O'Dwyer     142,000,000 28
Total     446,000,000 89
Average     223,000,000 45
Gergely Bartos
Gergely Bartos

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