Gaines Takes the Lead with Two Pair

Level 29: 60,000/120,000 (120,000)
Entries: 2/285

Glen Gaines min-raised the button with 6 4 and was called by Igor Pihela Sr. with K 5 from the big blind.

Gaines improved to two pair on the 4 6 2 flop. Both players checked and Pihela Sr. connected with his king for top pair on the K turn. Gaines fired out for 225,000. Pihela Sr. raised to 450,000. Gaines three-bet to 1,000,000 and Pihela Sr. jammed for 5,200,000. Gaines called off for 2,900,000 and was well ahead with one card to come.

Pihela Sr. bricked the 8 river and Gaines not only grabbed the chip lead but also a sizeable 3:1 chip advantage over his opponent.

Glen Gaines - 6.5 million
Igor Pihela Sr. - 2 million

Glen Gaines
Glen Gaines

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