Full House for Olufsen

Level 16: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)

Entries: 103/652

Mariann Berg Olufsen opened for 12,000 from the hijack before Antti Marttinen jammed for about 80,000 from the big blind. Olufsen went into the tank for a couple of minutes before she called.

Antti Marttinen: A 8

Mariann Berg Olufsen: A 4

Olufsen nailed two pair on the A 4 2 flop. Marttinen needed help and had a flush draw after the 7 landed on the turn.

"Gimme a spade," asked Marttinen to the poker gods.

No spade came with the 4 river completing the board and Marttinen was eliminated on a bad beat short of the money to Olufsen's full house.

Mariann Berg Olufsen - 450,000

Antti Marttinen -0

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