Another Full House for Mikk

Level 31: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)

Entries: 2/848

It's been all Kaido Mikk during heads-up play as he continues to connect his cards and win pot after pot against Mikko Ylamaki including the following hand.

Ylamaki opened for 350,000 from the button with 10 5 and was called by Mikk with K 6 .

Mikk check-called for 250,000 after he improved to top two pair on the K 4 6 flop and further improved to a full house on the K turn. The 2 river completed the board and Mikk checked again. Ylamaki didn’t fall into the trap and checked back and the dealer awarded Mikk the pot.

Kaido Mikk - 12.4 million

Mikko Ylamaki - 7.1 million

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