Full House for Ly

Level 14: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Entries: 151/652

Kalle Ly
Kalle Ly

Kalle Ly is sitting on a massive stack of chips of around 420,000. He discussed with the reporting team how he accumulated so many chips.

Ly limped with eight-six suited and three other players came along including another player who limped behind with fives. Ly flopped top two pair on the eight-six-five flop and his opponent who flopped bottom set with his fives called.

Ly continued for 40,000 on the king turn and was called again. A six completed the board on the river giving both players a full house. Ly checked with the better full house but he shared that his opponent tanked for a bit before he jammed for about 100,000. Ly made the quick call to eliminate his opponent and catapult his stack to among the chip leaders.

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