Four Off the Money at the Break

We went into the next break with 83 / 652 players. With 79 players being paid, we only need 4 players to bust before the min cash will be reached.

While the focus will be on the short stacks in a little while, we - once again - took a look at the biggest stacks:

PlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
Ranno SootlaEstonia940,000118
Tanel EvertEstonia660,00083
Kalle LySweden600,00075
Benjamins FonarjovsLatvia470,00059
Kalle MikkonenFinland470,00059
David LandAustralia450,00056
Mariann OlufsenNorway430,00054
Taago TammEstonia400,00050
Atli ThrastarsonIceland380,00048
Vegard AndreassenNorway360,00045
Enri OravEstonia350,00044
Quang DoanFinland350,00044
Halldor JonssonIceland350,00044
Alex LianesSpain340,00043
Petur HardarsonIceland320,00040
Reeti PolonFinland320,00040
Raymond VilnesNorway310,00039
Erik RoeNorway300,00038
Tarmo TammelEstonia300,00038
Line LindsholmNorway290,00036
Andrey KoksEstonia280,00035

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