Forendal Flops Top Set and Loses Most of his Stack

Level 3: 75/150

Entries: 220/227

Halvor Dahlberg bet 1,600 into a pot of around 3,000 after the 10 9 7 came on the flop. Simon Forendal raised to 5,100 before he snap-called a jam by Dahlberg for 19,300.

Halvor Dahlberg: A K

Simon Forendal: 10 10

Forendal flopped top pair but needed to fade Dahlberg's flush draw. The 5 turn was a safe card for Forendal but Dahlberg celebrated after he completed his flush with the 2 river completing the board.

Halvor Dahlberg - 43,000

Simon Forendal - 2,200

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