Flush for Hille

Elisabeth Hille jammed for 10,500 from the cutoff before Jarno Jokiniemi three-bet shoved for about 24,000 from the small blind. Gunnleiv Fossaskaret called off his short stack of around 2,000 from the big blind and two players were at risk.

Gunnleiv Fossaskaret: J 9

Elisabeth Hille: A J

Jarno Jokiniemi: A Q

Jokiniemi was ahead and if his hand held he would have eliminated two players. Instead, Hille improved to a flush after the K 8 9 5 7 ran out on the board to eliminate Fossakaret and double through Jokiniemi.

Gunnleiv Fossaskaret - 0

Jarno Jokiniemi - 13,000

Elisabeth Hille - 23,000

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