Flush for Campbell to Double Through Maglianella

Level 25: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 29/1,326

The clock was reading Level 25, but it was still Level 24 when Leon Campbell opened for 150,000 from late position. Campbell was called by Simone Maglianella from the blinds. Maglianella check-called bets of 110,000 on the 2 8 4 flop and for 120,000 by Campbell on the 6 turn before checking one last time on the 9 river.

Campbell jammed for 865,000 and Maglianella tank-called. Campbell slammed down in excitement in K 7 for a flush which was more than enough to double through Maglianella who held 7 4 .

Meanwhile, Hendrik Remmerde, Antoine Talvard, and Uwe Matthias all hit the rail to leave just 28 players remaining in the field.

Simone Maglianella - 4 million
Leon Campbell - 3 million
Hendrik Remmerde - 0
Antoine Talvard - 0
Uwe Matthias - 0

Leon Campbell
Leon Campbell

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