First Break, Some Counts

The players are at the first break of the day. We tried to eyeball the biggest stacks in the room:

Shiyan FangItaly80,000
Andrey KoksEstonia62,000
Steinar LindbergNorway62,000
Justus KursiFinland60,000
Monica ThingboNorway58,000
Halldor JonssonIceland57,000
Armend SahitiFinland55,000
Terje SirnesNorway52,000
Markus KornfeldNorway51,000
Mikko YlämäkiFinland49,000
Tõnis ViikEstonia47,000
David BerggrenSweden47,000
Victoria BergstedtNorway46,000
Ville KonttinenFinland46,000
Conny ErikssonSweden42,000

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