Family Pot at Table 11

Level 17: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Entries: 87 / 652

Akseli Valaja
Akseli Valaja

One player we have missed in our big stack watch is Akseli Valaja. We just saw him win a hand that can only be described as a family pot.

It began with Tuomas Kälvinmäki raising under the gun to 15k. Behind him Quang Doan called on the button, Akseli Valaja called in the small blind and behind him, Kristian Aitio called in the big blind as well.

With more than 60k in the middle they all saw a flop: A Q J . It was checked around. Turn: 8 . Now Valaja fired an 8k bet. All players called. River: 3 . Again everyone checked.

Akseli Valaja tabled A 10 for top pair and this hand was good enough to win a pot worth almost 100k.

Akseli Valaja - 500,000

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