Eetu Sepponen Eliminated in 10th place (€4,600)

Level 26: 25k / 50k

Entries: 10 / 648

Eetu Sepponen
Eetu Sepponen

Basically at the same time, another elimination occurred at the TV table. In a massive hand, Eetu Sepponen was eliminated. It all began with Ylva Thorsrud opening from early position to 110k. Sepponen called in the CO and both blinds, Mikko Ylämäki and Kalle Mikkonen tagged along.

Flop: 10 4 2

After two checks Ylva bet 150k and Sepponen called. Now it was up to Ylämäki in the small blind and he raised to 450k. After Mikkonen and Thorsrud folded, Sepponen moved all-in for a few 100k more. Ylämäki called. Showdown:

Ylämäki: K J
Sepponen: 4 4

Ylämäki had flopped a flush against Sepponen's set. Turn and River didn't help Sepponen as they fell 9 and 6 . This hand saw Sepponen part and the tournament down to the final table.

We'll post counts in bit.

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