€660 Mystery Bounty – “What a move!”

Yusuke Tanaka plays 1,5M on blinds 15k/30k and finds K 9 on the Cut-Off. He raises it up to 60k and Vilius Zabarauskas (who also has 1,5M in chips) calls from the button with Q Q .

The blinds get out of the way and we're treated with the A J 3 flop. Yusuke bets 70k into the 195k pot and Vilius calls.

The turn is another ace, the A . Yusuke keeps on betting and puts in 125k. Vilius isn't going anywhere with the queens and calls once again.

The river is the 10 and Yusuke showes his 1,3m into the 585k pot. Vilius did not find the call and Yusuke takes it down. Andreas Höglund screams "what a move!" from the commentator's booth.

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