€1 500 Main Event – Joel Holmberg, the Finnish chipleader

Before the break, I had a little chat with Finland's Joel Holmberg who went into day 2 as the chipleader.

Joel chose 1C as his start flight and and bagged 318k for day 2. During the rougly first two hours today, he has managed his stack well and now plays rougly 390k.

The Finn has played poker professionally for the last 6-7 years, and even though he mainly plays online he seems to be really comfortable on the live scene. During day 1C he had quite the smooth ride; he got good value at showdown and his bluffs mostly went his way.

When asked what his favourite game is after Texas NLH, he answers PLO Hi-Lo.

It will be very interesting to follow Joel during the day!

Joel Holmberg.

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