€1 500 Main Event – Full House against Full house!

We take a gander over at table 2 where Meckovskis Vladimiras opens UTG with a raise to 400 (blinds 100/200). He gets four callers, one being Samuli Tero from the Cut Off.

The flop treats us with A 5 3 and it checks to Samuli who bets the pot. He gets called by Meckovskis as well as Eha Pinsel from UTG+1.

The turn is 3 and Meckovskis now leads ut. Eha gets out of the way and Samuli calls.

On river 2 , Meckovskis bets 2k and gets called by Samuli. Samuli shows A 3 for a Full House, but since Meckovskis holds 5 5 and a bigger Full House, he takes down the pot.

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