Drama Coinflip Between Picone and Gieles

Level 21: 200K/500K (500K)
Entries: 19/450

Sergio Alonso opened for 1 million from under the gun before Luuk Gieles flatted the button. Igor Picone three-bet jammed for about 14 million. Alonso folded and Gieles called.

Igor Picone: J J
Luuk Gieles: A K

Both Picone and Gieles were getting massages but things got heated up during the runout. Picone was ahead after the 10 2 10 flop but needed a miracle after Gieles's ace paired the A turn. Help was on its way with the J spiking the river to Gieles's complete disbelief to give Picone a double-up.

Igor Picone - 34 million
Luuk Gieles - 30 million

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