Defense with 8-3-Off Goes Wrong

Level 15: 2,000 / 4,000 (4,000)

Entries: 129 / 652

Davy Wathne
Davy Wathne

At table 16 the action was folded to Davy Wathne in the small blind who opened with a raise. Behind him Eero Ihaksi defended. Flop: A 3 3 . After a bet and raise both players were all in with Wathne at risk:

Davy Wathne: Q K
Eero Ihaksi: 8 3

Ihaksi was ahead with his trips but Wathne had outs. The dealer turned over 4 and 10 and Wathne rivered his flush to beat Ihaksi.

Davy Wathne - 220,000
Eero Ihaksi - 105,000

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