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Day 1C ends with a cooler

We reached the end of the day as 20 players will remain on contest to become the PokerListings Champion and with not only winning grand prize money, he or she will also get a package for the next stop of The Festival Series in Malta. It was eventually the Norwegian Twitch-Streamer Ylva Thorsrud who eliminated Samuel Deering in a stylish manner.

Early big stacks

We saw many hands again today and we eventually played for about 9 hours straight. It was Yin Yahzou who had the commanding chiplead from the get-go, but when the end was narrowing he had to go in survival mode and eventually finished the day with 730,000 chips. We also saw Latvian pride Dimtrys Meless who finished yesterday at Day 1B as the stone cold bubble, but today he bagged chips and fully deserved it this time with a stack of 1,620,000. Other notable cashes are Kasper Wurtz (2,865,000), Jonas Kovacs (2,700,000), and Thomas Ascott (2,670,000).

We have seen also some crazy action such as the following saga:

John Kitchen, who by now hit the showers, had an interesting hand before he actually busted his stack anyhow. When I was talking to him a bit, he moved all-in for his remaining 93,000 from UTG. He told me he had two flush draw possibilities with his hand. His neighbour Tahriq Qaiyum went all-in as well and all remaining players folded. ”I want to see his pain in the fance once he loses with his Ace-King” John mentioned to me. And oh boy, did he not.

Kitchen – 4 6 

Qaiyum – A K 

The pain was real, and it became even worse for Qaiyum.

Board : J 3 4  3  J 

We have had many beats and braggs today. But in the ultimate hand it was Ylva Thorsrud who busted Sumual Deering with a cooler to finish off the day. Ylva's Kings holded up against the Ace-Queen suited of Samual. No help and Sumual finished on the most dishonourable place of the tournament, the bubble.

Chip Counts Day 1C PokerListings Championships:

1Kasper Wurtz2,865,000
2Jonas Kovacs2,700,000
3Tom Ascott2,670,000
4Ylva Thursrud2,115,000
5Dmitrijs Meless1,620,000
6Colin Lovelock1,600,000
7Thomas Clack1,170,000
8Pa Thenilsson1,155,000
9Daniel Edler1,110,000
10Chris Lee1,075,000
11Alexandru Talica1,025,000
12Gordon Skinner950,000
13Leon Jennings925,000
14Robert Mitchell800,000
15Yin Yuzhou730,000
16Lynne Etches680,000
17Justin Kean525,000
18Priti Patel510,000
19Simon Wilson275,000
20Roman Sembratovych273,000

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