David Land Virtually Busts with Tens vs. Queens

Level 21: 10k / 20k (20k)

Entries: 28 / 648

At table 13 David Land just lost 98% of his stack against Mikko Ylämäki. Land opened from the CO to 40k and behind him Ylämäki made it 140k to go. Land called after the blinds folded.

Flop: 8 7 7 . Land checked to Ylämäki who in turn bet 140k. Land now moved all-in after which Ylämäki asked him: "Do you flat aces?". He eventually called. Showdown:

David Land: 10 10

Mikko Ylämäki: Q Q

Land did not flat aces, but tens. Turn and river did not help him and he lost all but 20k chips.

Mikko Ylämäki - 1,200k

David Land - 20k

Update: Two hands later Land lost his last chips and was eliminated in position #27.

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