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Davey Doubles with Queens

Level 11: 800/1,600
Entries: 111/285

Daragh Davey was at more than 100,000 at the break but was down to 70,000 before he doubled with blinds still at 600/1,200 as follows:

A player opened from under the gun for 2,500. Davey three-bet to 6,500 from the blinds before he called a four-bet to 14,800. Davey check-called a bet of 17,300 on the 9 4 2 flop.

A nine paired the turn. Davey checked again and his opponent fired out for 21,000 with about 10,000 behind. Davey tanks for a bit before he jams. His opponent called and Davey breathed a sigh of relief. Davey held queens with no heart but his opponent didn't have a heart either as he had a lower pair with tens. A blank seven completed the board on the river for Davey to double up.

Daragh Davey - 140,000

Daragh Davey
Daragh Davey

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