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Cowboys for Sklenica to Bust Jorn Driessen

Level 16: 80K/160K (160K)
Entries: 23/145

Michael Sklenicka bet 1.5 million into a pot of a bit more after the Q 6 6 came on the flop. Jorn Driessen called to see the 2 turn. Sklenicka checked before Alonso jammed for 1,375,000. Sklenicka paused for about 30 seconds before he called.

Jorn Driessen: A Q
Michael Sklenicka: K K

Driessen was far behind and didn't get there on the 4 river to leave just 23 players remaining in the field. The blinds just increased to 100,000/200,000 with a big blind ante of 200,000 after the hand. A table broke and the action is hand-for-hand on the Day 1c money bubble with the surviving players banking at least a min-cash of €5,000.

Michael Sklenicka - 8 million
Jorn Driessen - 0

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