Cowboys for Everaerts to Oust Previti

Level 17: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)
Entries: 173/1,326

Alfio Previti opened for 35,000 from the hijack and was called by Kristof Everaerts from the cutoff. The action folded around to Antoine Talvard in the big blind.

"How much you playing?" Talvard asked to Everaerts.

After Everaerts showed his stack of around 800,000, Talvard three-bet to 100,000. Previti called off for less before Everaerts four-bet shoved his big stack. Talvard had Everaerts covered and tanked for about 20 seconds before he folded.

Alfio Previti: J 10
Kristof Everaerts: K K

"I had ace-queen," Talvard said after the players turned over their cards.

Everaerts' cowboys held on the 6 2 8 9 2 board and his stack grew while sending Previti to the rail short of the money.

Antoine Talvard - 1.1 million
Kristof Everaerts - 1 million
Alfio Previti - 0

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